Instructions for Authors

The Journal of College and University Law is a publication of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) and Rutgers Law School. It is a refereed, professional journal specializing in contemporary legal issues and developments important to postsecondary education.

The Journal publishes articles, commentaries (scholarly editorials), and book reviews. Experts in the law of higher education review all manuscripts.

Manuscripts should be double spaced and submitted electronically via a Microsoft Word document, or typewritten on 8½” × 11” paper. Set-off quotations should be double-spaced. Footnotes should reflect the format specified in the nineteenth edition of A Uniform System of Citation (the “Bluebook”). A paragraph on the title page should provide the position, the educational background, the address and telephone number of the author. Each author is expected to disclose in an endnote any affiliation or position—past, present, or prospective—that could be perceived to influence the author’s views on matters discussed in the manuscript.

Authors must include a short (3-4 sentence) abstract for their manuscript on the second or final page of the document. Please do not include any information for the editors in the manuscript document, instead send any additional information for the editors in an email to

Decisions on publication usually are made within four weeks of a manuscript’s receipt; however, as a peer-reviewed journal, outside reviewers advise the Faculty Editors before they make the final publication decision and this can prolong the process. Outside reviewers advise the Faculty Editors who make the final publication decision. The Journal submits editorial changes to the author for approval before publication. The Faculty Editors reserve the right of final decision concerning all manuscript revisions. When an article is approved for publication, the Journal requires a signed License Agreement from its author(s), pursuant to which NACUA must be granted the first right to publish the manuscript in any form, format or medium.  The copyright to the article remains with the author, while NACUA retains all rights in each issue of the Journal as a compilation.

As of July 1, 2016, editorial responsibility for the Journal has shifted from Notre Dame Law School to Rutgers School of Law. The faculty editors there are Professor Rayman Solomon and Professor John Farmer. The email address of the Journal is:

Student Submissions:

Law or graduate students who submit manuscripts to JCUL should include in their submission a note from a faculty member (who has read their submission) recommending the paper for publication.

Upon deeming the manuscript appropriate for the journal, the student author is paired with a mentor reviewer who is an expert in higher education law. The reviewer will read the manuscript and offer comments and suggestions for improvement. Upon receiving the review, the editorial team will determine whether the note should be accepted for publication (as is or upon the meeting of certain conditions), should be revised and resubmitted for another formal round of expert review, or should be rejected. Some mentors offer to work with students directly on revising and resubmitting or on meeting the conditions for acceptance. The decision is left to the reviewer and the author on whether to work together in this way.

Submission Instructions for the Journal of College and University Law:

There are two ways to submit to JCUL. Authors associated with law schools are invited to submit through the Bepress system if they prefer. All other authors should use the simple submission instructions. Please choose only one of the submission options (duplicate submissions just prolong the process and make things confusing!).

Law School Affiliates (Law Professors, Law Students):

  • Following the author guidelines, please ensure your manuscript (saved as .doc or .docx) includes a short (3-4 sentence) abstract.
  • You may access the submission portal for JCUL here.
  • You may also access the BePress submission system however you are used to. When uploading your submission, be sure to select Journal of College and University Law.
  • If you have elected to submit your manuscript to only our journal, please email us directly ( to let us know so that we can prioritize your submission accordingly.

Simple Submission (All authors):

  • After following the author guidelines, please attach your manuscript as a word document (.doc or .docx) to an email to with the subject “Manuscript Submission.”
  • Please be sure to include (in the body of the email and/or in the manuscript itself) a short abstract (3-4 sentences).
  • In the body of the email, please disclose if you have been in contact with any of the authors cited in your manuscript about this paper to ensure the integrity of the peer-review process.
  • Note: The JCUL editors assume the person who submitted the manuscript is the corresponding author of the manuscript unless specifically noted in the email. JCUL is not responsible for corresponding with coauthors; all correspondence will be with the corresponding author.

You should receive acknowledgement of receipt of your manuscript within one week of submission; if you do not, please follow up by replying to your submission email (double check the email address is correct) to ensure it was received.

If you have any questions about our process (before or after submission) please feel free to contact the editorial team at